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Choose TR Group For Truck Leasing in Australia

TR Group is an experienced and trusted provider of truck leasing in Australia. 

With a strong commitment to providing top-quality vehicles for businesses, we offer a comprehensive range of solutions for your truck lease needs. 

Whether you're searching for commercial truck leasing options, need to lease a truck for your business, or require trucks for lease on a short or long-term basis, TR Group has you covered. 

Our extensive fleet, deep industry expertise, and 24/7 support ensure you receive safe, efficient, and fully compliant trucks.

Read on to discover the benefits of partnering with TR Group for your truck leasing needs today.

Explore our Truck Leasing Services & Fleet of Vehicles

  • Extensive Fleet: TR Group gives you access to an extensive and diverse fleet, featuring hundreds of industry-leading trucks. 

  • Variety of Vehicles: Our fleet comprises a wide variety of trucks that cater to the unique needs of your industry.

  • Quality Assurance: Every truck in our fleet is meticulously maintained by our qualified mechanics to ensure peak performance and reliability.

  • Versatile Solutions: TR Group's trucks are ideally suited to businesses across diverse sectors, including logistics, construction, agriculture, and more.

  • Flexible Leasing: Whether you require short-term or long-term solutions, our truck leasing provides the perfect options for businesses seeking cost-effective and efficient transport solutions.

Why Your Business Should Partner With TR Group 

  • Comprehensive Support: TR Group offers 24/7, 365 support, with immediate assistance for unexpected maintenance issues, ensuring your operations run smoothly without disruptions.

  • Qualified Maintenance: Our team of qualified mechanics handles all servicing and maintenance requirements, covering scheduled servicing, tyre needs, and damage repairs, allowing you to focus on your core business activities.

  • Industry Expertise: TR Group provides access to a specialised team and tailored solutions that precisely match your requirements and ensure maximum efficiency.

  • Efficient Fleet: With one of the largest heavy commercial truck leasing fleets in Australia, TR Group delivers efficient and cost-effective products and services, saving you time, money, and hassle.

  • Customer Satisfaction: Our knowledgeable team is focused on leasing trucks for businesses that demand exceptional service. Contact us to learn more about our trusted commercial truck leasing services.

Truck Leasing - Frequently Asked Questions

What is truck leasing and how does it work?

Commercial truck leasing is the process of renting a truck or a fleet of trucks for a specified period, whether short or long-term, in exchange for regular lease payments. At TR Group, we assess your needs and budget to identify the ideal vehicle, preventing costly mistakes. This approach saves you from upfront expenses, preserving your cashflow. Truck leasing offers flexibility and cost-efficiency, making it an attractive option for businesses seeking reliable transportation solutions.

What types of trucks and trailers are available for lease?

Our inventory of trucks for lease are tailored to Australian businesses. Choose from prime movers, side loaders, flatbed trucks, refrigerated units, box trucks, and specialised trailers. Whether you require vehicles for logistics, construction, or any other industry, we specify the vehicle that’s best equipped to meet your needs.

What happens if a truck I lease breaks down? 

In the unlikely event that a truck you lease from TR Group experiences a breakdown, our 24/7, 365 support is readily available to assist you. Our dedicated experts will respond promptly to manage unexpected maintenance issues. Our truck leasing team understands the critical nature of keeping your operations running smoothly. That's why we ensure that any breakdown is swiftly addressed to minimise disruptions, demonstrating our commitment to providing reliable support and service.

Upgrade Your Operations Today and Lease a Truck With TR Group

When you need trusted and dependable truck leasing, supplied by a team that works as hard as you do, there’s only one choice. 

TR Group is ready to back your business, providing access to an outstanding fleet at exceptional prices. Contact us today for a consultation and quote.