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Choose TR Group For Truck Hire In Perth

Welcome to TR Group, your trusted partner for truck hire in Perth. We understand the unique needs of businesses in Western Australian, and our industry-leading services are tailored to support your operations. With a focus on reliability, flexibility, and cost-efficiency, aiming to meet the diverse requirements of Perth's booming industries, from logistics to construction. 

Our extensive fleet of vehicles, including truck rental in Perth, is well-equipped to provide the solutions your business demands. Explore the benefits of partnering with TR Group to enhance your operations and keep your business moving forward in Perth.

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109 Poole St, Welshpool, WA 6106, Australia

Tel: (08) 9251 6200
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Discover the Trusted Truck Hire Perth Businesses Need

  • Flat top Trailers: Perfect for flexible cargo transport, offering ease of loading and unloading.

  • Refrigerated Trailers: Ensure that temperature-sensitive cargo maintains its integrity during transportation.

  • Prime Movers: Powerful and versatile, the ideal choice for heavy-duty hauling and long-distance transport.

  • Pantech Trailers: Secure and weather-resistant, providing essential cargo protection for valuable or delicate goods.

  • Drop Deck Trailers: With remarkable cargo capacity, these trailers are particularly well-suited for oversized and large items.

  • Skel Trailers: Versatile trailers ready to accommodate shipping containers and various cargo.

  • Side Loaders: The ultimate solution for convenient container transport and unloading.

  • Tautliners & Curtainsiders: Secure, weather-resistant options suitable for a wide range of cargo, with easy access for efficient loading and unloading.

  • Rigid Trucks: Versatile and cost-effective for local transportation and delivery needs, offering excellent support for your Perth business.

Why Perth Businesses Choose TR Group

  • Extensive Fleet: Gain access to a diverse fleet of 2,000 trailers and 300+ prime movers, comprising prime movers, trailers, and more, making truck hire in Perth a convenient choice for your transportation needs.

  • Flexibility: TR Group offers adaptable short and long-term truck rental in Perth, allowing businesses to cater to changing demands without the constraints of lengthy commitments.

  • Cost-Effective Solutions: Opting for rental services can significantly reduce upfront expenditures and ongoing maintenance costs, providing Perth businesses with a budget-friendly alternative for their truck rental needs.

  • On-Demand Accessibility: Truck rental in Perth ensures that businesses can access vehicles precisely when required, guaranteeing the seamless and efficient flow of transportation operations.

  • Quality and Dependability: TR Group's vehicles are rigorously maintained, compliant, and engineered for reliability, providing peace of mind to businesses in Perth during prime mover hire in Perth.

  • Extensive Industry Experience: With decades of involvement in the field, TR Group fully comprehends the unique requirements of businesses seeking prime mover hire in Perth, delivering tailor-made solutions for optimal efficiency.

  • Round-the-Clock Support: Perth businesses can rely on TR Group's 24/7 assistance to address any unanticipated maintenance issues, minimising disruptions throughout their truck rental in Perth.

We’re pleased to provide these truck and trailer hire and truck leasing to businesses across the country, including Brisbane, Sydney, and Adelaide. Wherever you’re based, don’t hesitate to contact TR Group. 

Truck Rental Perth - Frequently Asked Questions

Which Perth industries utilise your truck hire in Perth? 

In Perth, a wide range of industries leverage TR Group"s truck hire services to meet their transportation requirements. Our versatile fleet caters to businesses across diverse sectors, including logistics, construction, manufacturing, agriculture, mining, and more. Whether you need prime movers, trailers, or specialised vehicles, we have the perfect solution to support your specific industry needs. TR Group's commitment to providing reliable and cost-effective truck rental in Perth ensures that businesses in various sectors can depend on our services for their transportation operations.

Does your truck hire in Perth include ongoing maintenance? 

Absolutely. Our truck hire services in Perth include comprehensive maintenance support. At TR Group, we understand the importance of keeping your truck hires running smoothly. We offer nationwide support, and our 1-800 number is manned 24/7, allowing us to manage and assist you with unexpected maintenance issues whenever they occur. Our team of qualified mechanics handles all servicing and maintenance requirements, covering the correct service schedules, tire needs, and any necessary damage repairs. With TR Group, you can count on reliable and well-maintained vehicles during your truck hire in Perth, ensuring minimal disruptions to your operations.

How do I choose the right trick hire for my business? 

At TR Group, we make finding the right truck hire for your business in Perth simple. Our fleet covers over 20 categories of trailers and includes a new fleet of Prime Movers, ensuring we have the perfect solution for any project. Rest assured, our fleet is meticulously maintained, so you can trust our vehicles for every kilometre travelled. We also offer complete flexibility and choice. TR Group"s operations team works diligently to understand your specific requirements and provide tailored solutions that precisely match your needs. Whether you need a Prime Mover, trailer, or other specialised vehicle, we're here to ensure your truck hire in Perth meets your business's unique demands, delivering maximum efficiency.

Elevate Your Business with TR Group's Truck Hire in Perth

Ready to take your transportation and logistics to the next level, meeting your customers' high expectations? For top-tier truck hire in Perth, TR Group stands as the go-to choice.

When you choose TR Group, you're teaming up with a dependable and respected partner for all your truck hire and prime mover hire needs in Perth.

Our fleet of industry-leading trucks, trailers, and prime movers is at your disposal in Perth, 24/7. Let’s work together to take your business to new heights.

Contact us now for a consultation and quote.