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Maintenance Administrator - Melbourne

We are looking for a new team member to join our Melbourne Branch.

Going to work shouldn't feel like a chore, at TR Group we thrive because our teammates are driven towards awesome results and an awesome environment. No two days are the same here, and that's not a platitude - We go out of our way to ensure we look after our customers and are always looking to be better than yesterday.

We are looking for a Maintenance Administrator to support our Maintenance Team, with the ability to remain calm under pressure, make the role their own, and grow the teams capacity by seamlessly taking care of the administration of the team..

This role is newly created, but the typical day could look something like the following:

  • Provide admin support to the Maintenance Managers
  • Scheduling services for our fleet with our maintenance suppliers
  • Administer the registrations of our vehicles - keeping a system and structure to ensure these are consistently in action
  • Administering the vehicle fines process nationally, including receiving all notices of fine, identify who hired the vehicle and contacting the customer responsible
  • Administrative finance support: Insurances; Process Vendor invoices; Support with credit collection when required

We are looking for someone with experience around the following:

  • Outstanding administration skills
  • Strong system and computer abilities
  • Good understanding and use of Excel and the Microsoft suite.
  • The team and customers sing your praise, you have an outstanding reputation for being the one people want to deal with
  • Mega organisational skills
  • You are diligent in checking and checking again, nothing slips past you
  • Industry knowledge would be a major plus

But what do you get out of working with TR Group?

We are a team, and we are a family. We look after each other in the good times, and the tough times. Our values speak to who each and every one of us are, and we don't have to have the words on the wall to prove it. TR Group is so much more than a business, we make a lasting imprint on each other and the community we live in. We are dedicated to personal growth of our team, whether that's new ways of thinking, doing or simply getting out of the every day to work on yourself. You can expect to learn and develop both personally and professionally, and we believe that the better person you are at home, is the better person that comes to work. Its not just a job.

Applications close 7 October 2022
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